Frequently Asked Questions

There have been lots of announcements lately about procurement, the latest being the World Market Meltdown! What’s so different about Prokuron?

Prokuron is different because it brings together several companies to create an unprecedented critical mass and a different strategy. Prokuron’s not just a marketplace, it’s also an outsourced procurement solution. Prokuron’s uniqueness lies in the breadth of its product line, its customer services, the quality of brand name goods and services it offers and the national and regional availability of these goods and services.

How is Prokuron different from the rest?

Prokuron will be one of Canada’s largest partners in world marketplaces which will use its combined purchasing volumes, along with its strategic sourcing and commerce expertise to benefit business of all sizes marketplace in which to buy and sell products and services from each other.

How many customers is Prokuron expecting?

We expect many in the hundreds of customers in the first year 3-5 years of operation.

What about projected revenues?

Since Prokuron is a private company, revenue projections are not being publicized at this time.

How many suppliers will Prokuron have?

We are currently in discussions with many suppliers and expect to have up to 40 signed within the first year. At this time revenue projections are still being finalized and the total number of suppliers are being determined, along with the exact goods and services that will be offered to our business customers.

Will it be possible for small competitors to compete with a company like Prokuron who is offering discounts and a marketplace that could undermine them?

Small competitors could end up being Prokuron’s suppliers. As a competitive marketplace, Prokuron does provide options. And there are lots of benefits that Prokuron can provide suppliers including lower customer acquisition and transaction costs.

Is it necessary to be a customer of the founding members to have access to the new company?

No, Prokuron’s services will be available to any business enterprise in the World.

Will there be layoffs in purchasing departments as a result of Prokuron’s Services and Platform?

No. Prokuron will enable businesses to focus their purchasing staff on more strategic priorities and outsource less strategic tasks.

When will partner portals be launched?

That can best be answered by the individual partners.

What role will the Prokuron Agents force play?

The Agents force will focus on meeting the needs of targeted corporate customers.