Continuing our promise to save you money on things you actually need – can we interest you in some office supplies?

It doesn’t matter how big you are or how small you are, according to the Canadian Office Products Association IN 2009, the average office worker spends about $540 per year in printer supplies now we have to add in paper and down time for service. You know how many employees you have, so if you do the math you’ll get an idea of the potential for savings in a Partnership with Prokuron Sourcing.

Now a bit about the 5,000+ office products available. Savings will obviously vary from everyday value to deep discount. But on an ongoing cost per order basis, prices will be consistently lower. And of course, in the majority of cases we are talking brand name products and Green products.

So how are the prices delivering?

Our supplier partners are *********. Their clients range from small office to Fortune 500. They are ISO/CGSB and ASTM-F1856 certified. Prokuron’s partners represent annual global buying power of over $4.5 Billion. (WE THINK THIS IS A GOOD START)

As for sales support and customer service. Prokuron is focused with absolutely no retail presence. Prokuron along with its partners have over 300 account representatives Nationwide, with a dedicated Inside service representative assigned to each account. They are backed up by full call centre support, available during normal business hours 8 AM to 5 PM Monday – Friday.

Product Services Delivery is equally impressive with partner distribution centers in North America using the latest warehousing and distribution technology available. No surprise then that all orders are delivered within 24-48 hrs with a fill rate of 99%.

Office Supplies and Services at Prokuron is a simple solution to your every day needs as promised.

Savings in Supply Services

Here are some direct examples of demonstrated savings that the Founder of Prokuron has been able to provide based on actual prices that are current for the year 2009.

New hardware or printer service & cost per copy programs is a great place to start your cost cutting. Any where from 10-25% on hardware and 15-25% on printing service.