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RBC-1003 Electric Bill Counter

Bill counter with both ultraviolet and magnetic counterfeit detection is an exceptionally fast digital cash currency counter that processes over 1,200 bills per minute. Large-capacity collection opening accepts up to 300 bills at a time. With digital LED touch pad controls, remote preset display shows error code and sounds alarm when finding forged, jammed, double or broken notes. Both UV and magnetic detectors detect counterfeit bills. Bill counter performs batch sorting from $1 to $999. Highly accurate sensor controls allow precise counting. Automatic counting feature begins counting as soon as notes are placed into opening, or you can put in several stacks before counting begins.

Banknote Counter
300 Bill
1200 bills/min
Royal Sovereign
Infrared, Magnetic, Ultraviolet
10.6″ (269.2 mm)
9.7″ (246.4 mm)
9.8″ (248.9 mm)
Blue, Gray
Anti Jamming, Remote Display, Auto Start/Stop, Creates Batches, Retractable Handle, Automatic Self-test, Dimension Detection
Royal Sovereign International
RBC-1003 Electric Bill Counter
110 V AC

  • RBC-1003 Electric Bill Counter
  • Power Cord
  • Cleaning Brush
1 Year