Solutions – Value for Supplier

Grow your business through access to the largest, national marketplace

  • Prokuron is Canada’s biggest B-to-B e-marketplace
  • Leverage the massive aggregate spend committed by founding partners
  • Our founding partners serve more than half of Canada’s businesses
  • Our marketplace provides immediate potential for huge customer base expansion with low customer acquisition costs

Prosper in a Canadian marketplace that wants to see your business succeed

  • We believe a healthy marketplace must balance the needs of both buyers AND suppliers
  • We are committed to building winning relationships with our Partner Suppliers
  • We want your business to be increasingly successful and Profitable
  • There are no fees to join Prokuron
  • We provide our suppliers with world class customer service

Increase efficiencies by lowering customer acquisition and management cost

  • Prokuron’s procurement systems reduce the cost of transacting an order, from initial customer inquiry to invoice generation
  • Prokuron helps to streamline the supplier’s sales cycle times and thus reduce costs
  • Prokuron marketplace helps reduces the cost of the supplier’s distribution channel Prokuron helps the supplier design, implement and manage their on-line catalogues

Know your buyers’ better through Prokuron’s information services

  • Suppliers will be able to receive information on buyer behaviour and decision processes
  • Expert advice & solutions will help keep the supply chain competitive. For example, suppliers will be able to lower their inventory levels
  • Prokuron will continue to create market defining offerings that augment the supplier’s business

Make the transition to e-selling simple and seamless with Prokuron’s advanced technology and expertise.

  • Our supplier program helps you easily join our marketplace
  • Customer Service is our priority. Our help desk is open 8am-8pm EST
  • Prokuron will provide reliable and open technology that is easy to integrate

Solutions – Value for Buyer with Prokuron

Maximize cost savings on indirect goods by leveraging the size, reach and relationships of Prokuron and Partners in trade and services.

  • Prokuron is Canada’s biggest B-to-B out source for supplies marketplace
  • Leverage the massive aggregate spend
  • Our founding partners serve more than half of Canada’s Businesses
  • Prokuron’s buying power delivers dramatic volume discounts
  • Prokuron is able to offer industry leading goods and services in North America

Augment your supplier relationships by joining Prokuron’s Canadian marketplace

  • Access new suppliers and customized catalogues
  • Prokuron secures the best prices for the buyer and we work from a cost plus program
  • Prokuron ensures enhanced quality, service and pricing
  • Prokuron brings the highest tradition of quality and customer service to our marketplace and we are proud to exceed our buyer’s expectations

Increase efficiencies by streamlining your purchasing department’s buying processes

  • Prokuron keeps the buyer focused on their business priorities so buyers can streamline their purchasing department’s processes and costs
  • Reduce product sourcing costs with world class strategic sourcing
  • Better understand and control purchasing in their organization
  • Prokuron’s consultants offer expert knowledge and experience of the procurement process

Buy best value, quality and service with Prokuron’s Strategic Sourcing Services

  • We focus on the specific product categories of interest to our buyers
  • We secure the best market leading offerings for each category
  • We secure the best prices for our offerings
  • Prokuron will continue to create new market-defining offerings like Strategic Sourcing that add incremental value to the buyer’s supply chain and business

Make a quick, simple and seamless transition to procurement with Prokuron’s advanced technology and expertise

  • Proven consultants, proven processes and applications make the transition to purchasing simple and seamless
  • BCE Emergis & Ariba provide reliable and open technology that is easy-to-integrate and scale
  • Prokuron is one of the top commerce providers in North America